Building Labs | Passive House Accelerator
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Passive House Accelerator

We believe there is powerful, untapped knowledge that can transform the way we design and construct buildings to benefit owners, tenants, and communities.

The Passive House Accelerator is about democratizing and liberating this knowledge to inspire and accelerate action. To deliver on this mission, we have three criterias:

  • Proven Professionals. All of our articles are written by proven professionals, and in many cases, experts in their fields.
  • Educational. Every article will provide actionable lessons. They’re written to teach, dispel myths, and help you avoid costly mistakes. Open sourced CAD files will be provided, whenever possible.
  • Open community. We invite the building community to comment and have lively but respectful debate.

Ultimately, we launched the Passive House Accelerator to cut through the noise. We can’t wait to see what happens next!